The search for the best employee in today’s context is indeed a task needing much effort. Employers are seen searching in gloom for the most perfect & talented individuals with countless interviews and media advertisements; not to mention the cost incur in this tedious process. “Inspiring the Next” - CAREER FAIR 2011, acting as a rendezvous for these two groups, weaves a never ending link between them.

Considering all these hardships the Career Guidance Unit of the University of Kelaniya initiated its first Career Fair in 2007 and keeps on marching forward with an ever strong squad of organizations who are highly satisfied with the undergraduates that belongs to a high caliber and competencies. Inspiring the Next –Career Fair 2011 has organized for the fifth consecutive year on 9th September 2011at University of Kelaniya with the mission of providing an invaluable opportunity for both the undergraduates in all four faculties of the university and the corporate world to lessen the gulf and to strengthen the ties between these two sectors.

Among the objectives of “Inspiring the Next” were to provide an opportunity for the corporate sector to recruit prospective employees by accessing a pool of fresh graduates, to provide an opportunity for those trained graduates to fit in to an appropriate position of employment within the corporate sector and to motivate undergraduates to be desirable employees

Representatives from “Brandix”, “Dimo”, “Sampath Bank”, “CDB”, “CEAT”, “NDB”, “Standard Charted Bank”, “NTB” ,“Access Engineering”, “Heyleys”, “IFS”, “Vurtusa”, “hSenid”, “nielson”, “Innodata”, “Wijaya Newspapers”, “KPMG” and many more blue-chip companies were participated for the event.


Speed, cost, quality and innovation are drivers of success in today’s business. The only way to harness these drivers is by developing a high performance team which will allow organizations to go above and beyond their customers’ expectations. This exceptional level of business performance starts with people. Thus the cornerstone of creating high performance organizations is creating high performance teams, made up of high performance people.

In the contemporary business world it is essential for an organization to inculcate world-class human capabilities to their employees to bring in a new dynamism that propels organizational growth. To make this happen, the leadership needs to adopt strategies that are consistent, clearer and well thought out while HR should ensure the availability of required competencies are on board and implement precise performance measures, constantly developing capabilities, and facilitating and enabling employees to work together.

This time “People Power” – The magazine of the Institute of Personal Management (IPM) has much valuable articles to empower the HR professionals to propel growth in organizations.

The Key articles of the Magazine are : “Sri - Lankan leader’s role in building a high performing organization”, “Leading and Developing High Performing Teams - A Guide to the Art of Shared Leadership”, “Secrets of Nurturing “Those who walk the Extra Mile”, “The art of introducing a High Performance Working Culture [HPW] in an organization”, “Importance of HRM Innovations In Modern Times”, “HR Issues in Booming Sri Lankan Economy”, “Investing in People, Human Resource Development towards a World-Class Workforce”. These articles have been delivered by top level local and International HR professionals.

The “People Power” online Edition is now available to download from IPM web site using following link.


In an effort to make Human Resource Information Systems more accessible to the student population of Sri Lanka, hSenid Biz a leading global HR solutions provider signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the University of Sri Jayewardenepura and donated their award winning HR information system, HRM Enterprise to the university. HRM Enterprise is a complete HR solution which covers a wide spectrum of contemporary HR needs.

The MOU signed between hSenid Biz and the University of Sri Jayewardenepura will enable students to gain hands-on experience with a comprehensive Human Resource Information System that covers all areas of Human Resource Management and enable them to discover how their theoretical knowledge can be applied in a practical environment.

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The Association of HR Professionals Sri Lanka Commemorated its 10th anniversary, in collaboration with the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), the world’s largest association devoted to human resource management. The ceremonies were preceded by a learning conference on the theme ‘Managing the Multigenerational Workforce’.

The event was held at the Waters Edge , Colombo with the participation of a large number of HR Professionals from different industries. The Key note address was delivered by SHRM India’s CEO G. Ravindran, on his extensive research on the Challenges and Solutions to Managing a Multigenerational Workforce

The event was lighted with an interactive panel discussion headed by Janashakthi Group Director, Ramesh Schaffter as moderator and Director of PIM Prof. Uditha Liyanage , Hemas Holdings CEO Hussein Esufally, Brandix CPO Ishan Danthanarayana, & MBSL Chairman M. R .Shah as panelists.

You can read the detailed article on this session at Daily FT by visiting the following link.

(Image from : Shashika Ranasinghe / Daily FT)