Compensation & Benefits


How many  talented individuals have left your organization due to better compensation & benefit packages?  Have they left to your competitor or have  they left for completely different career? Are you unable to attract the best candidates for a vacancy? Has budgeting for salaries become a major  issue for your organization?


If you perform an in-depth analysis for  the reasons why your talented employees have left the organization, you may realize that the co-relation between the resignations and compensation are closely related and  is one of the main contributors for them to leave your organization.


The total compensation package should be very well planned to be competitive and attractive enough in the market. The package should be reviewed by the organization on constant basis to ensure the retention of the talent in the long run. Benefit packages should not only include the salary but also various other incentives that will boost the employee’s quality of life.

HRSL Consultant Board

hrslconsultant ajantha
Member since : 05/09/2011
Description : Dr. Ajantha Dharmasiri is a Senior Faculty Member and a Management Consultant attached to the Postgraduate Institute of Management, University of Sri Jayewardenepura, Sri Lanka.
hrslconsultant thilak
Member since : 09/09/2011
Description :Thilak Devendra is a visiting faculty to the National Institute of Business Management, Institute of Personal Management, Brandix College of Clothing Institute and the Open University of Sri Lanka. He also serves as a Trainer for the Ceylon Electricity Board.

Advisory offerings

  • Planning of market analysis and salary surverys
  • Creating inovative benefits types (low cost)
  • Perform job sizing and preperation of job descriptions
  • Creating benefits structure and simulating and forecasting for future growth potentials
  • Benefits analytics
  • Developing performance based pay culture
  • Industry focused incentive and bonus programs
  • Developing proper Rewarding and Recognition schemes.