Strategic HR


It is important that organizations consider  the impact of both internal and external elements as well as competition  in order to gain a  sustaining edge. Hence, the strategy for HR relies mainly on how best human capital can be driven to obtain  extraordinary results for the organization.

You can get advice from the industry experts on how you could balance the workforce energy and economies while leveraging your people to deliver the organizational strategy.

HRSL Consultant Board

hrslconsultant ajantha
Member since : 05/09/2011
Description : Dr. Ajantha Dharmasiri is a Senior Faculty Member and a Management Consultant attached to the Postgraduate Institute of Management, University of Sri Jayewardenepura, Sri Lanka.
hrslconsultant thilak
Member since : 09/09/2011
Description :Thilak Devendra is a visiting faculty to the National Institute of Business Management, Institute of Personal Management, Brandix College of Clothing Institute and the Open University of Sri Lanka. He also serves as a Trainer for the Ceylon Electricity Board.
hrslconsultant Rozaine
Member since : 01/06/2012
Description :Rozaine is a Business Psychologist. She has worked with diverse groups of people from different levels in organizations in Sri Lanka, the UK, Australia and Abu Dhabi. She has worked within the areas of HR services, hospitality, education, apparel, advertising, media, food and beverages, aviation and marketing. Rozaine was awarded the Most Outstanding Young Australian Alumni for 2012 by the Australian Government and Australian Trade Commission.

Advisory offerings

  • Change Management
  • HR Dashboards an Analytics
  • Rewards and Fairness in Compensation
  • Human Resources Forecasting & Planning
  • Talent Management